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July 10, 2016

Carpet Trends in 2016 | Whats Your Style?

Carpet Cleaning Upholstery Cleaning Manchester The crowd waits with bated breath. Then, a murmur that turns into an excited roar; a limousine is approaching. Camera flashes [...]
July 5, 2016
clean new carpet

Booking a New Carpets First Clean, Give it The Care it Deserves

Brand New Carpet? | Learn how you should look after it. There are few sensations to beat the feeling of a brand new carpet against your [...]
July 3, 2016
carpet cleaner near me

Vacuuming a Carpet Does Not Count as Cleaning it

Book a Carpet Cleaning Service in Manchester With Us Today: Most people like to clean their own things, it means you don’t have to fork out [...]
June 30, 2016

Choose Professionals to Clean You Carpets | Make the Right Choice

Why you should hire a professional carpet cleaner to clean your carpets throughout the year. Summer is here, and as the heat of the sun begins [...]
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