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Choose Professionals to Clean You Carpets | Make the Right Choice

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June 28, 2016
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Choose Professionals to Clean You Carpets | Make the Right Choice

Why you should hire a professional carpet cleaner to clean your carpets throughout the year.

Summer is here, and as the heat of the sun begins and people are outdoors more often, it is important we don’t lose sight in our homes what needs to be kept in order on the inside.

We should not neglect the carpets being cleaned in our homes or commercial premises for the following reasons:

1: What is more annoying than having to replace something, when we could have looked after it a bit better; we are all a bit guilty of that, right? Regular carpet cleaning by a professional local carpet cleaner in Manchester such as ‘Limelight Carpet Cleaning’ prolongs the life of the carpet massively, which protects your initial investment, new carpets are not cheap!

2: Indoor air quality is only as clean as your carpets. We constantly walk the outside dirt and pollution deep within the pile of the carpets in our homes and businesses, which decreases the quality of air within indoor environments. Theses pollutants must be extracted to be able to keep our homes healthy, and ourselves healthy too.

3: Carpet maintenance is much more difficult if your carpets are not cleaned regularly, this is because most carpet dirt is dry soils, which in turn makes the carpet dry, meaning it takes much longer to vacuum.

4: Spots and stains such as wine on carpets are much less likely to ever come out if you do not have them tended to ASAP, it will be unlikely that you hold the necessary cleaning products for each individual type of stain as we do, and all purpose cleaners can make the staining even worse.

5: Allergens and bacteria in carpets can have an extremely bad affect on our immune systems, especially in younger children who tend to have more direct skin contact to the carpets due to crawling or playing on the floor. A carpet on average has more bacteria on it than the kitchen bin or bathroom toilet, and we would not want to take our shoes off and walk across them barefoot.

6: Enhancing the appearance in a room can greatly uplift your mood; the carpet in an average room make up to 25% of the rooms total area, why do i need a carpet cleaner near me to clean it? because this can make a house feel more like a home, and in business and office environments, this will also increase worker morale.

7: Removing bedbugs and dust mites living in the carpets. That’s right, not only is there bacteria living in carpets, but also bugs such as dust mites which can cause respiratory or itching problems. Your home may look clean, but these tiny microscopic bugs are all around us all the time, and only by hot water extracting a carpet using a professional carpet cleaning service, can you make an impact on their numbers.

Do you think the above are good enough reason to call ‘Limelight Carpet Cleaning’ in Manchester today?  Then why not pick up the phone and call 0800 246 5326 to discuss your available options.


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