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COVID-19 May Live on The Soles of Your Shoes – Leave Footwear at the Door

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COVID-19 May Live on The Soles of Your Shoes – Leave Footwear at the Door


  • Georgine Nanos is a general practitioner from San Diego, California
  • She stated that shoes are a potential carrier of Covid-19 and should be left outside
  • Soles of a shoe is a main breeding ground for viruses & bacteria
  • Her claim has been backed by an infectious disease specialist Mary E. Schmidt
  • Dr Schmidt warns Coronavirus can live on synthetic fabrics and shoes for five days
  • Shoes worn to the supermarket and on public transportation are  atmost likely to carry it
Infectious disease specialists have warned that Coronavirus can live on the soles of our shoes for up to five days, with the footwear most likely to carry Covid-19 if it has been worn in busy shopping areas and public transport.
The soles of shoes can be the main breeding ground for bacteria & viruses, and respiratory drops carried from a person who is infected with coronavirus can still land on floors of places that they visit, leading people to step into the virus unknowingly and track it back in the house, and onto hardfloors and carpets.
Because soles of shoes are made from durable materials, they are non-pourus, meaning they do not allow air or water to pass through them, creating massive breeding grounds for bacteria.
A San Diego family doctor Georgine Nanos said the likelihood of footwear carrying COVID-19 increases if it has been worn in heavily populated areas, like offices, shopping centres, trains, buses and airports.
Missouri health advisor Dr Mary E. Schmidt then agreed, saying that coronavirus has been shown to live on synthetic surfaces for ‘five days or more’ by studies on materials closely related to shoe fabrics at room temperature.
These claims have been supported by Kansas City public health specialist Carole Winner, who said shoes made with plastic and other synthetic materials can carry active viruses for days.
Ms Winner said shoes should be left in garages or directly inside the front door, to avoid tracking them onto carpets and floors.

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