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Choosing us for Oven Cleaning & A Fresher Cooking Experience!

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Choosing us for Oven Cleaning & A Fresher Cooking Experience!

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You’ve heard the saying that a floor can be ‘clean enough to serve a meal on’ and, though we don’t really recommend actually pouring gravy onto your newly-cleaned carpet, the phrase is certainly a good description of the professional level that the Limelight Carpet Cleaning team always work to! But what about the place where your food actually comes from – how clean is YOUR oven..?

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  1. Sparkling – I can see my face reflected in it because it’s brand new or I have just used Limelight’s oven cleaning service!

  2. Clean – I look after my oven quite regularly

  3. Moderately – I wipe up immediate spills and remove debris

  4. Needs Improvement – has blackened walls and/or burned-on food

  5. Prefer Not to Say – just give me more details on the cleaning service!

If you answered ‘sparkling’ then well done for choosing Limelight already! Those who said ‘Clean’ or ‘Moderately’ could still benefit from our extra services such as hob and extractor cleaning so keep reading. If you’re in the ‘Needs Improvement’ or even the ‘Prefer Not to Say’ category then don’t worry – you certainly aren’t alone and we are here to get everything fixed up for you.

Oven cleaning is one of the most hated domestic chores and, with the grease, scrubbing and harsh chemical odours involved, it isn’t difficult to see why. It’s for this reason that a large proportion of us decide to ‘do it next week’, meaning that we never get round to it and the problem worsens with each use of the cooker. The buildup of carbon and dirt:

  • Negatively affects the taste of food – try our oven cleaning service and taste the difference for yourself. You can use your oven immediately after we complete the job using our professional ‘Dip Tank’ method

  • Reduces the service life of your oven – the appliance has to work much harder to heat properly through the layers of carbon and dirt, meaning it costs you more in energy bills and won’t last as long before needing repair or replacement

  • Is cosmetically unattractive – our visual sense is the most dominant and plays a large part in our enjoyment of food; it is for this reason that presentation is such an important aspect whether cooking at home or eating in a fine restaurant. Taking food out of a blackened, dirty oven is not going to help you create that gourmet atmosphere!

As with our carpet cleaning services, you are guaranteed an extremely competitive pricing structure and complete satisfaction with our work. Take a look at our price list, which includes extras such as microwave and fridge cleaning, to find out all you need to know. Limelight Oven Cleaning – for a healthier, cleaner and tastier life.

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