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Why Book Us for Car Seat Cleaning? | Car Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning Manchester

When people have car interior cleaning in Manchester they would normally go and get the car valeted, and if you want your car's windows, dash, and storage spaces cleaned then we would recommend doing so too. However we do just as good and many times better than many car valeters in Manchester when it comes to deep cleaning car seats, especially if you have had an accidental spillage such as drinks, bodily fluids etc

The Carpets & Upholstery inside a car are not much different than those in your home, and as a professional Upholstery Cleaner serving Greater Manchester, I prefer hot water steam extracting Car Seats as opposed to Shampooing them, as shampooing can sometimes give an artificial clean which actually pushes the dirt deeper into the pile to give it an appearance of being cleaned.

Had an Accident, and need an Emergency Clean in Manchester? Don't worry, we are on hand to deal with any emergency call out involving car seat accidents, spillages and stains, such as urine, sick, soda, food, & pet odour etc

Please see below for our detailed pricing structure for car seat cleaning and car carpet cleaning in Manchester

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  Car Seats


Seats Pre Vaccuumed

Basic Stain Removal

Car Seats Steam Cleaned 

Cleaning Solutions

450PSI Dirt Extraction

Car Carpets


Carpets Pre Vacuumed

Basic Stain Removal

Carpets Steam Cleaned

Boot Steam Cleaned

Cleaning Solutions

450PSI Dirt Extraction

Gold Package


Full Car Pre Vacuumed

Basic Stain Removal

Car Seats Steam Cleaned (5)

Carpets Steam Cleaned

Door Fabrics Steam Cleaned

Car Boot Steam Cleaned

Car Mats Steam Cleaned

450PSI Dirt Extraction

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Booking Cleaning With Limelight | Professional Car Upholstery & Carpet Cleaners

5 Top Reasons to Book Limelight Carpet Cleaning Today for Your Car Detailing | Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning

1: The visible stains and dirt on your car carpets & upholstery fabric can make your car interior look tired, old, and just not as pleasant as it could be. If you do not have car seat cleaning done regularly, it can make it more difficult to keep on top of, and make the car interior upholstery more difficult to clean each time.

2: Air Pollution is present in Manchester on a much grander scale than many other places, as Manchester is such a large city. This pollution comes into the car from exhausts of the cars in front of you and all around you; through your cars air vents & windows, this pollution buries itself deep within the pile and fibers of the carpets & upholstery. This can be bad for your health when you sit in the car when your windows are up, and only by having this hot water extracted from the vehicle, will it improve overall air quality within the car.

3: According to research, cleaning your car before selling it can improve its resale value by up to a massive 20%. Nobody wants to buy a car with dirty seats and carpets, and for a small investment, you can increase the resale value of your vehicle before it’s sold, by making the car look like a much better buy to the potential purchaser.

4: If you smoke in your car or allow others too, this can create a nicotine and tar build up on the car seat upholstery, which both discolours fabrics and also makes them smell. Hanging a car freshener in the vehicle will only mask the smell, and not remove the root cause.

5: Having clean surrounding is scientifically proven to improve your mood, and wellbeing. We spend a considerable amount of hours in our cars whether it is to and from work, picking up the kids, shopping. A busy lifestyle can cause stress, and having well organized, clean & fresh surrounding can increase our happiness.