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3 Most Common Carpet Stains – Carpet Stain Removal Manchester

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3 Most Common Carpet Stains – Carpet Stain Removal Manchester

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At Limelight Carpet Cleaning in Manchester, we often get calls and emails from people asking if we carry out a spot-cleaning stain removal service. Though this is a possibility, unless your carpet or upholstery is absolutely brand new then removing stains is likely to leave you with another problem – the rest of the carpet looks dirty by comparison! The solution? Read on to find out…

There’s nothing worse than that feeling of utter helplessness when you knock a drink over onto a carpet or watch your child track fresh mud right across your best rug. Even as you dash for the paper towels, your mind has already fast-forwarded to the nasty stain that’s going to be left behind as a reminder of the event.

Some of the most common stains, which the dedicated Limelight team deal with on a day-to-day basis, are listed below – how many have YOU had to deal with before? We are betting it’s at least one


Put the Kettle On!

Tea and coffee are two of the world’s biggest economies. Though us Brits love our tea so much (an estimated 70m cups are drunk here every day) that we are stereotypically associated with the refreshing brew all over the world, millions of us enjoy the enlivening effects of a cup of coffee too. The downside is that both of these drinks can discolour fabrics and, as they are so popular, tea and coffee are responsible for a large proportion of stains.



One thing that WILL get us to put down our mugs is a glass of red wine. We probably don’t need to mention just how badly this can stain if it gets spilt, something that often happens towards the end of the bottle! Pouring white wine on it is a traditional trick but it’s likely to leave your carpet smelling worse and you’ll have to send someone out to the shop for more plonk.


The Green, Green Grass of Home

Wait a minute… of home? The last thing you want bringing inside is grass, which is well-known for causing stains (just think about the kids’ P.E. kits…) that can be pretty stubborn. The mixture creates a stain with an incredibly unattractive grey-green colouration, which has been compared to the skin of a crocodile. Be snappy and get rid of it fast!

Instead of just removing these stains and leaving behind a super-clean patch that makes the rest of the carpet look shabby, why not go for a full carpet clean and leave the whole thing looking as good as new? That’s what we have found suits our diverse range of clients the best and it can work for you too.

Get in touch with Limelight Carpet Cleaning in Manchester today – you can call us or email to discuss your individual requirements and get a fast, free and extremely-competitive quote. We also have an emergency response service for those disasters that just can’t wait – call 07763 570850.

Don’t let stains be a pain – get your carpets & upholstery back in the Limelight!

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