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Carpet Cleaning Trends in 2016 | Whats Your Carpet Style?

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July 5, 2016
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Carpet Cleaning Trends in 2016 | Whats Your Carpet Style?

Carpet Cleaning Upholstery Cleaning Manchester

The crowd waits with bated breath. Then, a murmur that turns into an excited roar; a limousine is approaching. Camera flashes create a dizzying stroboscopic effect and everyone gasps with amazement as the red carpet is rolled out for… the red carpet? Just what is going on here!?

Ok, so we might have exaggerated a little – the world of carpet design admittedly lacks some of that glamour and excitement that make haute couture fashion so attractive to so many people. Yet it is a thriving, global, big-money business and is similar in many ways to the fashion industry – trends and designers come and go, tastes in style and materials change while newer, better design techniques and manufacturing methods are discovered or invented.

The key difference is the timescale involved. Fashion in the form of clothing and accessories is ultimately disposable while a carpet, at least one of good quality, is an investment that is expected to provide many years of service. Until such a time as technology permits us to change the colour and style of our carpets at the touch of a button (a dreadful thought – imagine the arguments over the remote control…), we are obliged to look after our current carpets as well as we can and rely on those mysterious haute couture carpet designers to come up with designs that don’t look dated within an hour of being put down!

So, what kinds of designs and colours are fresh, modern and exciting right now? Leave it to Limelight Carpet Cleaning to supply you with the latest whispers from the (carpeted) corridors of power…

  • Be a Star – sick of letting the big names have the famed red floor covering all to themselves, lots of people are bringing a touch of Hollywood class right into their own homes with bright red carpets. Don’t get carried away and start leaving your handprints in the new cement by the back door though!

  • Choose Contemporary – Beige, Tan and Cream are the classic neutral colours for carpets and certainly have their place but the modern neutrals – Green, Blue and Pale Yellow continue to gain ground. Plain is giving way to patterned with flecks and floral designs appearing more often, many with random elements as opposed to uniform style

  • Add an Accent – accents with a metallic tone bring a surprising ambience to a room, in the fact that they add a warming glow rather than cooling freshness. Pearlescent accents are also an amazing way of making a good carpet look great, a great carpet look divine and a divine carpet look… well, even more divine!

What’s your style? Let us know! Whatever it is, keep it in tip-top condition with Limelight Carpet Cleaning in Manchester – call NOW for more details or to book your carpet clean.


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