Limelight’s General Terms & Conditions:


All carpets, soft furnishings and hard floors as indicated on page one of this agreement, will be cleaned using the appropriate cleaning agents and equipment depending on the type of material, in order to provide a satisfactory standard of service. On completion of the work, the account is rendered for immediate payment for domestic work, or within 30 days for commercial work (if this has been agreed in advance verbally).  This agreement must be signed before any amount of work takes place on the premises; a copy of this agreement is available on request.

An inspection as set out on page one of this form, will be carried out prior to commencement of work to highlight problem areas and to give a better understanding of what can realistically be achieved, please note that some conditions can be permanent such as but not limited to: “Carpet Pile Reversal”, “Cotton Dye Transfer”, “Perimeter Filtration Lines” and “Many Different Stains”.  Some stains and previous discolouration can become more apparent after the cleaning has taken place, and the soiling has been removed from the area as the carpet fibre’s become more visible when dirt is removed, and may not have been noted on the survey. Previous stains below the carpet (in the underlay) can also come back to the surface after steam & vacuuming extraction.

Limelight Carpet Cleaning will not be held liable for any damage inside the property in which items have been left in the room which is to be cleaned, Limelight Carpet Cleaning will also not be held liable for list items being cleaned which are damaged through manufacturing, fitting and assembly defects, such as loose fitting, lack of carpet grippers, carpet shrinkage, bubbling, discolouration, reappearance of old stains, or chemical interaction with products a customer or anyone else on the property may have pre-treated problem areas with, either knowingly or unknowingly to the customer.

Limelight Carpet Cleaning will not accept liability in the damage from movement of any furnishings or property which has been left in the room prior to being cleaned, it is expected that the room is clear as possible from anything sentimental, fragile or of high value, prior to the cleaning taking place.

By signing the agreement, you are hereby allowing a Limelight Representative into the premises’ to carry out cleaning in the area’s noted on the signature document. A laminated copy of this document will be presented to you after inspection to read if you wish prior to signing the survey, you will also be offered a hard copy of the terms & conditions to keep after you have signed the survey, if you so wish to take one.

Limelight Carpet Cleaning does not guarantee total soil or any type of stain removal but will endeavour to deal with these to the best of our ability in the amount of time provided using the appropriate cleaning methods and solutions depending on the fibre type.

Results on every job do differ, and you are paying for the time in the attempted first time removal of general dirt and staining, this is not at any point, any type guarantee. In certain instances some carpets, soft furnishing and hard floors need to be allowed to dry, and cleaned a second time for greater results, this is especially true with natural fibres such as wool which do not have stain and dirt resistant properties, and also carpets which have not been cleaned in some time (over 9 months) any second call out requests are chargeable.

All bookings include free limited ‘basic stain removal’ on a case by case basis; again there is no guarantee that these will be removed as many different factors come into play. Some certain stains are chargeable which may be time consuming, hazardous, or need to be treated using more expensive cleaning agents. You will always be advised of this prior to the commencement of any further work, of any additional charges which may apply in relation to stain removal