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Why Choose Limelight? End the Debate with Our Top 8!

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Dust Gather Up, What You Need to Know?
May 26, 2016
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Why Choose Limelight? End the Debate with Our Top 8!

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Wondering whether you should have your carpets cleaned by Limelight Carpet Cleaning? The simple answer is: yes, you definitely should! Here are EIGHT reasons to pick up the phone and call Limelight Carpet Cleaning in Manchester TODAY to arrange a convenient time for us to carry out our expert service using the proven extraction method.

  1. Improves Lifespan – a carpet is an investment and most of us spend as much as budget permits to ensure we are getting decent quality. You naturally want to get the best value for money and keeping the carpet clean means it will last longer, enhancing cost-effectiveness.

  2. Reduces Maintenance – once your carpet has been professionally deep cleaned, light vacuuming is all that is required to keep it in mint condition till the next yearly deep-clean.

  3. Protects Air Quality – your carpet is like a giant filter and collects airborne pollutants. Extraction cleaning is the best way to remove as many of these as possible, helping you breathe better – this is especially important for those with asthma and other respiratory conditions.

  4. Eradicates Annoying Spots – the whole aesthetic of a carpet can be ruined by even a small mark or stain and these can be quickly removed using our powerful machinery.

  5. Prevents Bacteria & Creepy-Crawlies – all sorts of nasty bugs and creatures can make their home in the warm fibres of your carpet, fed by a constant supply of tasty dead skin! Get rid of them by exposing them to the Limelight!

  6. Improves Aesthetics – A clean carpet is the foundation of a clean home and aesthetics are immeasurably improved when the fibres of your floor covering are free from dirt. Light colours are given a new lease of life as their true brightness is revealed and darker colours regain that glossy, brand-new sheen.

  7. Enhances Mood – we are profoundly affected by our environment and if it is fresh and clean then that’s how we will feel too.

  8. Maintains Value – if your carpet is insured or under warranty, then a clause of that agreement will almost certainly require that it be regularly cleaned using the extraction method, at intervals of not more than 18 months (but usually 12 months).

Convinced? If not, then give us a call to hear the final, deciding reason that you need to book a visit from Limelight Carpet Cleaning TODAY…!  0800 236 5326 / 077635 70850

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