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Dust Gather Up, What You Need to Know?

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May 16, 2016
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Dust Gather Up, What You Need to Know?

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follow Limelight Carpet Cleaning in Manchester on social media so you don’t miss out. So, what’s our first big tip? Read on to discover…

How often do you vacuum your carpet? Daily? Twice a week? Every fortnight? This will of course depend partly on who lives in your home and how it’s used but, if you answered ‘No’ to all of our vacuuming questions above then it’s time to start getting your complementary carpet care regime in place in Manchester! Over the next few weeks, we will be bringing you lots of helpful guides, tips, advice and insider information to help get your carpet in tip-top condition.

If you’re a regular vacuuming-addict who can’t stand the sight of dust then well done – keep up the good work. The clean floor surfaces you enjoy, however, don’t quite tell the whole story and if your eyes had microscopic vision then you would probably never put the hoover away at all! Even the very best vacuum cleaners, regularly used, remove only a portion of the deep-down, worn-in dirt that every carpet is naturally subject to – that’s where the dedicated Limelight Carpet Cleaning team step in to seamlessly bridge the gap.

Dust – The Facts

  • The average UK home collects between 4-6kg of dust every year – as heavy as 4-6 standard bags of sugar but with a far greater volume
  • Dust in the home is almost exclusively made up of dead human skin, which flakes off us constantly
  • These microscopic fragments of skin can provide a rich and varied diet for all sorts of living things you would rather not share your house with, from dust mites to streptococcus bacteria
  • Other components of dust include hair cells, various fibres, dust mite and other insect droppings & body parts, food particles, pollen and mould spores
  • Dust settling between carpet fibres creates an abrasive layer which damages the carpet (both physically and visually) a little further each time it is walked on

You have probably already guessed your most efficient, reliable and cost-effective option to avoid the unsafe and unpleasant buildup of dirt on your carpets – that’s right, it’s Limelight! Treating your carpets to one of our professional deep-clean services will lift and separate each fibre individually, cleaning them thoroughly of all dirt and nasties to leave floor surfaces that really are just as clean as they look.

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