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Vacuuming a Carpet Does Not Count as Cleaning it

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Vacuuming a Carpet Does Not Count as Cleaning it

Book a Carpet Cleaning Service in Manchester With Us Today:

Most people like to clean their own things, it means you don’t have to fork out money, and it also means you don’t have to potentially risk being let down by poor workmanship with whoever you book.  We try to get around those issues for our customers by offering cheap carpet cleaning, which is cheap only by name and not by the quality of our work, or by our low carpet cleaning prices.

When most people say “i’m going to clean my carpet today” it really means they are going to get the hoover out and maybe try their hand at a bit of washing up liquid on a couple of wine stains and food stains, but unfortunately, if it has been some time since you booked a professional carpet cleaning service, that just won’t cut it.

Treating carpet stains by yourself without the proper training, can lead to the stain becoming worse than it was originally.  This is because each type of stain needs to be treated on its individual merits, some stains have different PH levels acid or alkali, some have additives and dyes, and just grabbing any old all purpose cleaner from under the kitchen sink and putting it on the carpet, can create a chemical imbalance which will permanently discolour the carpet, I have seen it happen many times, and it is irreversible.

The quality of air indoors has been proven scientifically to be up to 8 to ten times worse indoors than outdoor, if you do not clean your carpets and upholstery, and let air pass through windows regularly.  Million’s of people suffer allergies worldwide, which is further inflamed due to the quality of air in some homes.

Regardless on whether you want to book a carpet cleaner twice per year, or our recommended 4 month (quarterly) carpet cleaning, it is important that you hire a carpet cleaner in Manchester such as ourselves at least once every six months, to truly benefit from the air quality improvement, and also the benefit of removal of dust mites and other harmful pollutants we walk across our carpets from outdoors.

These pollutants, dirt, microscopic bugs & bacteria that are deep within the pile of carpets and upholstery, can not only can have health implications on those who also suffer from allergies. It can also have an affect on young children who have closer contact to carpets than ourselves, who’s immune systems are not as well functioning yet. This also applies to elderly people who’s immune systems may have lowered as they have gotten old.

So have you been thinking recently, I should book a carpet cleaner near me. To land on this page you likely have, and we would recommend you call us a make a booking for professional carpet cleaners today. 0800 246 5326




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