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Rug Cleaner Manchester | The Soft Feeling on Your Feet in Hard Floored Rooms

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June 16, 2016
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Rug Cleaner Manchester | The Soft Feeling on Your Feet in Hard Floored Rooms

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Contact Limelight Carpet Cleaning in Manchester, on one of our phone numbers and let us know where to pick the rugs up from to be cleaned, we cover Manchester, Salford, Stockport, Trafford

The rug has enjoyed a recent renaissance in interior design, with a host of new faces creating exquisite, exciting and elegant designs. When thoughtfully placed, a rug can completely transform the aspect and atmosphere of a room for the better, defining and refining the shape of the space. Even by simply moving a rug to a new location can have a dramatic effect – wherever and however you choose to beautify your home with rugs, make sure they are sparkling clean with the Limelight Carpet Cleaning Collect-&-Deliver Rug Revamp Service!


In the early part of the 16th century, when the word rug is first recorded, it was used to mean a piece of coarse and not very valuable cloth. It was then (rather unkindly) appropriated to refer to an unconvincing wig – in fact the word is still used today to mean wig in some dialects. Its use as a term for a dedicated floor covering dates only to the 19th century which, for the rich at least, was a time of the most luxurious and expensive rugs.


Modern rugs are made from all kinds of different materials, each of which is susceptible to the dirt, spills and wear-and-tear of everyday life. You may have noticed, now that the days are getting longer and there is more (thankfully!) sunshine falling through the windows, that your rugs are looking a little bit tired and could do with a good dose of TLC to welcome in the new Spring season – and that’s where we step right in to help you out!


So, how does our Rug Revamp Service work? It’s simple – here’s how in 3 simple steps:

  1. there’s a minimum of 2 rugs, they can be of any size and the full service (see step 2) costs just £35 for both! (Persian Rugs, please call for quote)
  2. Now all you have to do is wait while we carry out our full hot-water extraction clean. In the meantime, check out our recent article that explains the whole process step-by-step
  3. Within 24hrs and at a convenient time for you, we will deliver your rugs back to you in pristine condition – satisfaction absolutely guaranteed


Get your rugs looking Limelight-lovely for Spring – call Limelight Carpet Cleaning in Manchester TODAY!

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